NOTICE: This year’s Festival of Garage Sales normally held in May was postponed due to COVID-19. The BMNA Board has decided to cancel the event for 2020. Our event coordinator will be trying to arrange a few trucks to come by for pickup of any items people have collected and want to donate. Check your email for more information.


Dear Neighbors,

It’s difficult to put into words anything that can adequately address the situation facing the Twin Cities area and the nation right now. Starting with what can only be described as a horrific few minutes captured on cell phone video that recorded the last moments of a man’s life, George Floyd, and spreading from there to protests that began peacefully but then erupted into literal flames in more than one area of our sister cities.

The Bryn Mawr Neighborhood Association wishes to express its support to all our neighbors and our businesses. While Bryn Mawr has remained peaceful to date, we recognize the need to remain aware and take precautions to secure your homes and businesses as you deem prudent. Emergency funding has been set aside by the Association to help businesses secure storefronts if requested. This communication is not meant to frighten, just to raise awareness of a very real situation as it exists. Bryn Mawr neighbors have a long history of watching out for each other and this has helped make the neighborhood one of the safest in the city. Let’s continue the tradition of watching out for one another, and consider extending our neighborliness to aiding in cleanups and assistance to other areas. The BMNA is discussing ways we can respond to the systemic racism and how we, as a Board, may be participating.

Our Neighborhood Coordinator will be looking for and sending out information on the neighborhood response to opportunities. Our best to you all,

Kevin Thompson, President
Bryn Mawr Neighborhood Association

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BMNA Monthly Meeting

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